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Cash Transfers and Poverty

Embed from Getty Images The importance of evidence versus assumptions. By far the most popular post on the blog has been Do the Poor Become Dependent on Charity? In the meantime, a great deal...


The Ukraine Crisis and Economic Interdependence

Was Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine a failure of the thesis that economic independence creates peace. No, because Russia is not economically dependent on the Ukraine. The true test is whether Russia will directly threaten EU interests with an intervention of a NATO country.



I just wanted to write a quick note explaining my silence over the past couple of weeks. One of the difficulties of balancing grad school with a blog or anything else for that matter...


Storytelling and Politics: The Value of Empathy

In particular, stories of the “other” — the poor, racial/ethnic/religious minorities, etc. — provide evidence of a society’s true values and deepest insecurities. At the heart of the issue is the extent to which these stories describe the world as it truly is or as we hope/fear it is.


Religious Freedom For Whom?

North Carolina recently became the twenty-sixth state to pass some form of anti-Sharia legislation. Supporters have repeatedly claimed that these laws protect women from discrimination. Unfortunately, one only has to look to the actual cases when these laws have been applied to discover how they are being used against the women they claim to help.


The Least We Can Do – Syria

Sometimes the only thing we can do in the face of unbelievable horror and the seemingly unending pain that humans inflict upon each other is to give our attention. On these occasions, being a witness is both the least and the greatest thing we can do.


Have Non-Military Options Been Exhausted In Syria?

Syria is complicated; thus, it is not surprising that politicians, academic experts, and human rights activists are divided on whether U.S. military intervention will help or worsen the crisis there. The one thing most people are very wrong about, however, is that non-military options have been exhausted. I explain why in the following post. But also take a look what we as individuals can do to respond to this tragedy. If you have a link or a suggestion that you believe would be useful, please leave a comment.